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10,000 Islands

October 2016


This was my second time with Runnin the Flats and it was AMAZING!

Captian Rob is so friendly!  Did not get frustrated with my 2 kids. From checking on your rod  to untangling my fishing line. He was very patient. We caught red fish and eveyrone was able to bring a fish home! The boat is clean and comfortable, adding to an awesome fishing experience.

Mr. & Mrs. Hoelzer

Cape Romano

April 2016

We booked a trip with Captain Rob to see dolphins around sunset. He took us for a ride to Cape Romano to see the dome houses! We got some great pictures of the dolphins. This trip was one of the highlights of my vacation. 

Maria Hopkins

Night Shark Fishing

September 2016

Me and my buddies booked a night fishing trip. We pulled up onto Tiger Key. We caught Sea Trout and cooked them over the campfire while setting up the shark gear. We caught and released approx. 6 Lemon and Bull sharks. See you next year!!

Mike Harris

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